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Hiiiiiii :D
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I love the idea ^-^ lmk if you need help, I'll def show up jay! 
19 days ago

Ay thank you idconfirned.
26 days ago

Yea I get that, also theres a warzone gamemode coming? When and what's it going to be like?
27 days ago

Hello yall, so I had an idea, perhaps y'all can add factions to cubtime, for those of you who dont know what it is, I don't either really but from what I've gathered (if I'm wrong someone plz correct me ty <3) factions is a gamemode where you compete for #1 against all the other factions, which I'm assuming would be like most money, most power, etc but what is a faction? A faction is a small group of people that compete against other factions, so groups against other groups, however if u choose to alliance that is allowed, in factions its pretty much survival but with pvp, and raiding, anything is allowed, stealing scamming, (except for hacking), lying, etc, so be careful of who you trust as they could be an insider (person who is secretly working for another group and has the mission to collect intel about you and possibly get his allies inside your base) so yea, that's pretty much it, what yall opinions? If yall have any questions feel free to ask. (Sorry for long paragraph)
29 days ago

I'm not neccessary trying to learn anything but just to try out new things I normally don't do very much such as drink more water, exercise, and maybe learn what I missed in school (and more to get ahead ahaha) but ye ik I'm boring ahahaha, what bout yall?
about 1 month ago