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6 months ago

Hiiiiiii :D
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Mk bud I'm just trying to start something people might enjoy, dont be a bummer, if you dont got anything to say then dont say anything at all.
9 days ago

Hello my good players, as cubtime is reaching its end, I'd like to take the time to say goodbye to you all and say it has been a pleasure playing with you, maybe our paths will cross again someday, but anyway, let's get some chat up, so what are your fondest memories of idmc/cubtime? :D
10 days ago

I love the idea ^-^ lmk if you need help, I'll def show up jay! 
3 months ago

Ay thank you idconfirned.
3 months ago

Yea I get that, also theres a warzone gamemode coming? When and what's it going to be like?
3 months ago