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Hello, my name is Owynn [OH-win] (otherwise known as Wack) and I've been playing on this server for 5 years now. I'm a very nice person and I have lots of fun on this server and love the community. I am also very helpful so if you need help with anything on the server I'm down to help. Ok so let me talk a little bit about myself. I am 14 years old but turn 15 on Valentine's Day. I love band and play the clarinet. I am also going to be learning trumpet next year. I play PS4 and Minecraft of the PC. I do well in school and someday want to teach children how to play different instruments in band. I am very good at math and can help you with algebra if you need it, which is my strong point. I'm usually on Minecraft all day, even at school, and my teachers don't care so yeah... If you want me to help you make any grinder I can help with that as well. Everyone have a wonderful day!
8 months ago