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It`s ya girl Megan, come to lay down the story of my life. Ok That was cringe but time to get to the introduction. I am a helper on cubtime. I have been staffing servers since 2015 and have been up to admin status on prior servers. On IDMC I was a Sr. Mod at migh height. IGN/Nickname: BlueKittenMegan/Megan Where I am from: I live in the American southeast, however work bring me everywhere. As to my birth, I was born in Florida however I consider my childhood in cold and beautiful Topsham, Maine. What I am studying: I have a bacheolors of science in anthropology with a focus in archaeology with a minor in history. I have taken to doing personal studies into the 18th century as of recent but my mind is always going between biology, geology, and religion. Current Position: I am currently a helper. My discord is open to anybody who wants a hug or has questions or most importantly, to send pictures of my cat to. When I got accepted to the team: I was originally accepted in July of 2017 with a stretch of time before coming back in 2019. 5 interesting facts about me. 1. I am a professional archaeologist. 2.I have visited Iceland in the dead of winter because I love the cold that much. 3.Hugs are a form of currancy and can be exchanged for more hugs. 4.I am a pagan and follow Freyja with interests into other pagan gods. 5.I can be easily find confidence in the right circumstances, but it can quickly turn into the equilivant to a mashed pumpkin afterwards. What I do in my spare time: I like to pet my kitty, read. I love traveling(for work and for fun). Ways to contact me: Discord: Megan#1233 Summoning alter: Catnip, one eye of newt and a goats breath. In game  
2 months ago

OwU or UwO?
3 months ago

I have been playing a lot of Age of Empires 2 DE recently.
4 months ago

I like how things are being stress tested and having a stable enertaining server at launch so I am thankful for the waiting time.
5 months ago

Having staff of the month and being promoted to sr moderator was by far my favorite memory.
5 months ago