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I'm just Mr. Lonely up in here :(
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If you have something like a GTX 1050 ti or above, or heck even gtx 1050, go for it. It will give your game a good look. BUUUUT, there is some downsides. Lower FPS (duh), and low visibility depending on the shaders. Also, people say that shaders have a very non minecraft feel to it, and I have to agree with them. If you want to have a dang good looking shaders, but have a potato as a PC, go for sildurs enhanced default shaders. HECK, go with them even if you DO have a very good PC. It's shaders, with shadows and stuff, but without all the other mumbo jumbo (no pun intended) that ruins the feel of minecraft. Pick what you like.
5 months ago

You guys are really hardcore UwU fans. I am personally an OwO fan.  
6 months ago

Thank you for actually explaining yourself through all of this.
6 months ago

Uh, cool?
6 months ago

I am going to be posting a few more of these X or X questions. Which do you guys like better, UwU or OwO?
6 months ago