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im a patato
6 days ago

potatoes. mmmmm
About 1 month ago

You get a potato, and you get a potato. Everyone gets a potato!
about 1 month ago

3 months ago
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The Rainbow Cloud is a new warp which is a safe space for all! You do not have to be lgbtq+ to come to the warp but if you are found discriminating anyone you will be asked to leave and never come back. This place is to make people happy and smile, and is currently still under construction. We hope this warp will bring smiles on people's faces and overall be a place to calm down.  If there are any worries please msg me in game if possible <3 - believe_jay 
29 days ago

Katnissali - It's a simulation game on steam. You inherit your grandfathers farm and you can do a lot of stuff, farming, mining, quests, there's even festivals. The game is also multiplayer (not cross platform). You can start a family with the NPCs or even marry a player on multiplayer!
about 1 month ago

ItssJack - It's a very calming game, people get bored of it but I can't seem to on my current save! I have a total of 200 hours played and about 180 of those is on just one save :) Me and my spouse Shane already adopted a kid and it's named potato, fully grown up! And now the second adoption is taking place, I'm going to name him fries.
about 1 month ago

I was wondering how many of you all play stardew valley. And most importantly- Who are your spouses that you are going for, and why? I went for Shane because I saw them and went hmm gotta break someone's shell a little. They now give me free omelets and pizzas, they also have a pet chicken called charlie. Talk about stardew valley and what you love about it! And if you need any questions answering about it, ask away I've played it for too many hours.
about 1 month ago

For me I would say that Snowman, Elder Gaurdian, endermite and Vindicator are the best spawners to make a lot of money, especially if you make them into blocks before selling them. If you are unable to get these spawners as most of the time they are pretty expensive, blaze spawners are also good to start with. Blaze rods sell for 50 each.
about 1 month ago