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imagine being itssjack :/ must suck
8 days ago

Imagine being froxinite
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I have the permissions to change your name/nickname on the forums. Sadly, that can not be a feature. However, I am always free to change your names! Please list it here or DM me on Discord: Froxinite#4632
8 days ago

I'll change it for you.
8 days ago

Lynkono, hey! :D Please let me know the next time you are online so that I can give you the key. ^^
9 days ago

Hello everyone! Happy Friday the 13th! :D Since summer is right around the corner, I was thinking about what I was gonna do over summer break. Then, I was wondering what YOU guys are gonna do over summer break. This year, I'm probably going to start studying for my SATs and maybe go to Korea and see my relatives! One of my favorite moments throughout my life has been going to Korea and experiencing the culture there. The food, land, monuments are all so pretty in my opinion and it makes me all happy inside. The language is also very beautiful. Believe it or not, Korea is more than just kpop, haha. We have a lot of things such as convenience stores on almost every block. I usually go to waterparks and see the beautiful country sky after a full dinner. What are you guys doing this summer and do you have a favorite vacation memory? Maybe a vacation tradition with family/friends?
19 days ago

Hey bubs! It's Jenna. :D I was playing some Wizard101 with michaelmode the other day and some RDR2 with another of mine and thought how these few games were my favorite! When I'm not playing Minecraft, I'm usually either playing the games I already listed, osu!, or Stardew Valley. I also have Siege and OW but I rarely play those. I play these games cause they fill me with nostalgia or are a fun passtime to me. I get to play with friends, meet new people, and discover more and more about the online world. What are some of your favorite games and why do you play them?
about 1 month ago