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Dear Players of CubTime, Do you have any Connection with VeNTr1X? I'll Explain. When I got on Survival, I saw a destroyed hut (Which Didn't belong to me) and a Netherrack Trail that led to VeNTr1X's Base. When I entered his Base, I saw Banners with X's, and much more. I tried asking in the Chat if anyone has any Connections with VeNTr1X, But no one Answered. So, now I am here, needing Your Help, so I can pretty much Conclude the Case. Regards, -EricK1512I also suspect that VeNTr1X Destroyed the Hut, But It's just Speculation.
4 months ago

What I meant was NPC Interaction,
5 months ago

I feel Like Quests should be added to Skyblock and Survival, as it makes The Game more enjoyable since You can Do Quests and get Rewards , Items , etc.
5 months ago

Not really a Feature , but something to Fix the High Ping I'm having.  
7 months ago