CraftMC Website Launch
Started by Stefytorus

Hey Everyone,


This is the official launch of the CraftMC website! you'll be able to chat with others, appeal bans, apply for staff and other things.


I'll slowly be adding new features to the site, so things may look strange right now. If you see anything that looks strange or shouldn't be happening, please message a member of staff either here or on Discord.




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2 months ago

Thanks for the hard work Skip!

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Discord: J_Andrzejewski#1234 |

2 months ago

We appreciate how much time and effort you've put into this. <3

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michaelmode | CraftMC Administrator
Discord: @michaelmode#5950
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2 months ago

Looks great Skipper! <3

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~ CraftMC Administrator ~
2 months ago

All of the Devs did a great job!

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Discord: SnowiestGorilla#1621
Minecraft IGN: SnowiestGorilla

If you need to speak to me, you can and if you are going through some difficult stuff I can help you. :) 

2 months ago

More places for me to dab on? Lets GOOOO <o>

Also nice job on the forums, much appreciated!


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2 months agoLast edited: 2 months ago

Good job skipper!

All hail Mikey :D

2 months ago

Thank you Skipper. :)

- Toka.
-=+ Discord: CallMeToka#1287 +=-
2 months ago

I'm glad we got a new forums!

2 months ago

Skipper is our new god and idol.

2 months ago