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We've been listening to the community and we found a faster and more effective alternative to sell wands:  Sell Hoppers. They allow you to sell any drop that gets sucked into them. This means less time spent on selling your items and more time spent on actually building up your factory! Not only that, but it can increase your farm efficiency significantly since you can now AFK without your chests getting filled up.

There are 3 tiers:

  • 30% Efficiency - Given to GOD rank. Is useful for afk-ing at farms, but selling manually is still the better option
  • II: 70% Efficiency - Ideal for AFK'ing, and available for purchase with in-game cubits. You do need to pay monthly upkeep, but it is definitely worth it.
  • III: 100% Efficiency - Is available exclusively on the store (and maybe some events) and makes your farms orders of magnitude faster.
  • IV: Depending on how the economy does with the new implementation, we may add other hoppers accessible doing all kinds of stuff.

All chunk hoppers that filter for that item will then transform into sell hoppers and will try selling the item before putting it in the hopper. This means that your old farms will automatically work with sell hoppers if you have the permission.

How To Convert

Conversion is easy and quick. Since the new chunk hopper format is different, what you'll need to do is to remove and replace the chunkhoppers you want to sell. This is so they can get a "owner" ID that will be then used to pay you once sellable items get collected.


Money Payouts

To prevent lag, the money generated by the chunk hopper is given on "payouts" that happen every few minutes. This shouldn't affect you too much, as the money you earn is still the same, but it also means you may have to wait a bit until your farms produce the cash you're looking for.


100% Efficiency Hopper Sale

100% Efficiency hoppers are now 50% off on our store to mark the anniversary of this technology's birth :P

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6 months ago

A really useful thing and a great alternative to lag heavy sell wands or auto sell chests. 

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5 months ago

I think this is very useful and its great CubTime added them I was just going to suggest sell chests but here before I typed my msg this came up!! thx a lot.

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Honestly, hate the idea. Just seems unaccessible to most of us. I don't like it.


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