CraftMc? Where? Cubtime!
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Two of my biggest suggestions are the pure vanilla hermitcraft-type server, like WarWithVarun stated earlier. This would bring a different multiplayer experience. Also, please update to 1.14

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The way we define a minigame is a server that has no progression, while a game is a server that allows you to slowly progress through to ranks and unlock more stuff down the line. While this definition may not fit all games, it does define the complex Minecraft environment quite well.Β 

Using this definition, the following server types are categorized like this:

  • Minigames: BedWars, SkyWars, KitPvP, PracticePvP, BuildBattle, Cops & Crims, etc
  • Games: Survival, Factions, SkyBlock, Prison, GTA (as you can buy homes and stuff), SkyPvP, Anarchy (we all love 2B),Β  Creative, Acid Islands, etc.

So yeah, we actually do want to open more games first, and then minigames later, but we also want to make sure that we have our own touch on each new game we create.Β  For example, our skyblock would be a game, as you would still have your own island to build on, items to progress through, etc.

I meant "games" and "minigames" interchangably. From my experience, me and my friends like more survival-based games, such as, well, Survival. Games such as PVP Games and other minigames/games, according to your definition, just aren't interesting. Varun's point also has value, as it's been shown that plugins have done some bad stuff to the server. Are we ready for a new gamemode yet?


6 months ago

what about people who were trying to voice their concerns? just getting ignored?? (Not that i did voice my concern)

I haven't ever intentionally ignored any concerns about the server. I've tried to go out of my way to hear people out, even PM-ing people when I felt they were unsatisfied with the server. Some outright blocked me on discord instead of answering, some started trolling me and making fun of me trying to help people.

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6 months ago

CubTime? Where? FurryCube!

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hi i am connor
i used to play idmc back in "my day" (early 2016)
this is my signature ya idiot, not an introduction.
6 months ago

Thank you for actually explaining yourself through all of this.

Hi, I'm Jovancar, most people call me Jovan or Jov. I have been playing since March of 2016 (which is also when I got this minecraft account, I used to play on other accounts).

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