Discord Rules

~ Rules for Chat Happiness ~

[ 1 ] Be respectful to all members within this Discord. Treat others the way that you want to be treated or better; be considerate of words that you say and use general common sense. 
[ 2 ] Inappropriate or highly offensive content of any kind is not permitted. This includes anything NSFW, profanity, racial slurs, etc, in the form of both images and chat. 
[ 3 ] Discussing any subject, sensitive or not, should be done in a fair manner. Like mentioned above, the rules are more open, so you may talk about religion, politics, etc, as long as it remains in the realm of fact and not opinion
[ 4 ] Do not spam the chat in any way. Whether it’s in the form of multiple messages being sent too fast, long messages that cover the chat, or inviting bots that flood chat, it makes things messy and is not allowed. 
[ 5 ] You may not advertise in any way. This includes private messages as well as anything sent in the Discord server itself. If you are reported for sending invites then you will receive a ban. 

~ Rules for Voice Call Happiness ~ 

[ 1 ] Follow all current chat rules in place. Swearing or using inappropriate language is still not permitted when speaking in voice channels. If this becomes excessive, you will still receive some form of punishment. 
[ 2 ] Keep all songs and videos requested by the bot clean. This goes back into following the normal server rules. If you are seen playing videos that break the rules, a staff member will remove it from the queue and you will be punished. 
[ 3 ] Respect the ears of others. Sometimes, this is a bit harder to be mindful of - we don’t all know how loud our microphones are. But if you’re purposefully blowing air or yelling into the microphone, you will receive a server mute in the voice call.
[ 4 ] Drama is not allowed. Bans can be appealed on the forums (for both ingame and forums) and suggestions or new features can be debated with pros and cons without attacking them or the staff team.
[ 5 ] The management team reserves the right to punish anybody without liking to a certain rule when deemed absolutely necessary