Apply for Staff

Staff Application Guidelines


When applying for staff, applicants will have the choice of choosing between HELPER and MODERATOR. Both ranks will have responsibilities on all three of our platforms (Discord, Forums, and Minecraft Server) with their own respective ranks. All new staff members will first be given Helper unless under certain circumstances.


As a CubTime Helper, you will be asked to focus on chat-related activities, such as when someone might be breaking a chat-offense. ie: profanity, spam, advertisement
Even when applying for Helper, we will still be monitoring your activity and behavior. Most trials will be around 2-3 weeks depending on your performance and other contributing factors. After passing your trial, you may stay as a Helper or ask to be extended the position of moderator.



If you apply to become a moderator, you will first be given a trial as a Helper. This is to give you the ability to smooth into the moderating experience. Most trials will be around 2-3 weeks depending on your performance and other contributing factors. If you do pass your trial, you will be promoted to Moderator and able to ban players along with having other responsibilities. You will remain to watch over the same areas a Helper would but you will also be able to handle reports regarding grief/theft, hacking, bypassing, and more.

* exceptions may be made

All requirements will be applicable to both ranks; Helper and Moderator.

  • We ask that all applicants are at least the age of 14. We feel this is a suitable age because it’s typically when most start to mature more.
  • You should be an active player and willing to be apart of the community. This includes dedicating time to being online as well as interacting with others on our Discord and Forums.
  • You must have a microphone (built-in or external) as well as a recording software that can record for situations such as hackers.
  • Applicants should have good SPaG. (Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar)
  • Have at least 5 forums posts on our Forums along with an account that is at least one week old.
  • Be at least level 5 on our Discord, or the level rank “Toucan” - you can check by doing >rank in the bot commands channel or checking your roles by clicking on your profile in the list of players.
  • Also, asking staff to review your application or asking them for opinions excessively will result in an IMMEDIATE DENIAL

    Good Luck!